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It's good to have caries

Humus is the most valuable component of a healthy soil. It is formed as a result of the decomposition of post-harvest residues, catch crops and other sources of organic matter with the participation of soil microorganisms and small invertebrates (e.g. earthworms). It is rich in various nutrients and organic compounds, including humic acids.
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Humic acids, or short-cut soil regeneration

In all this care for soil microorganisms, the point is not to create a paradise for them on earth (and in the earth), because we like them very much and we want them to live well and lightly in our soil. We also care for them, and in fact primarily for ourselves, because it so happens that microorganism-friendly treatments and products also increase soil fertility.
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Phosphorus deficiency despite fertilization

Why do we use fertilizers? Because we want to provide plants with the right amount of nutrients necessary for proper development and growth. Unfortunately, some of the ingredients introduced by us will not benefit the plants - they will be washed out or will be accumulated in the soil in a form inaccessible to plants.
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