Your crops are as good
as your soil is

Soil testing and optimizing agronomic technology is a simple way to long-term benefits. Thanks to soil tests, it is possible to reduce fertilization costs, increase yields and protect soils against degradation.

Running effective agriculture requires awareness and knowledge, which can be obtained easily thanks to modern technologies.

Soil biological tests

At Somigro, we combine well-established, well-known analyzes with modern biological research to gain a complete picture of the condition of the soil and its yield potential.

Modern technological possibilities allow for an in-depth knowledge of the condition and quality of soil biological life, and at Somigro we are convinced that this knowledge, supplemented with the mineral and organic content of the soil, is the key to conscious and profitable cultivation management.

Modern tools for modern agriculture

Microbes live in your soil, ready to help your plants grow better. What you need is a reliable decision support tool.

Many common practices (monoculture, deep plowing, over-fertilization etc.) can result in a decline in soil quality over time, which in turn can cause a deterioration in the quality of crops.

Your soil is your greatest asset. Discover innovative technologies that will make decision-making easier and crop management more effective.

BIOTREX technology

Maintaining or restoring soil fertility requires measures to support biodiversity.
Most sustainable and regenerative farming practices rely on microbial enhancement, but lack the appropriate indicators and tests that can demonstrate a positive impact on the soil in a short period of time.

Discover BIOTREX - a study that allows you to understand and measure biodiversity and biological activity of the soil.

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Soil testing is a tool that allows you to get an in-depth understanding of its condition and take the best action. Learn more about our solutions and what they can do for you.

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After placing the order, we send special bags for collecting soil samples. Soil sampling itself is no different from soil sampling for chemical testing. However, there are a few things you should know. You will find the exact indications and answers to the most frequently asked questions in materials.


Specialists from our team could talk for hours about the complexity of the processes taking place behind the doors of the laboratory. We heard it so you don't have to. The most important information - biological soil testing takes about 10 days. If you like to go into detail, you can find detailed information about the analysis in the Technologies tab.


We will summarize the obtained test results for you in a report. You will receive it in electronic form to the e-mail address provided earlier. The test report includes numerical results, reference ranges, and package-specific comparisons, maps, or other information.

Our partners

We want to have a real impact on the direction in which agriculture is heading.
That is why we are happy to work with farmers and companies from the agro industry to jointly develop the most effective solutions and practices.


No more guessing.

A good knowledge of the soil and its needs saves time and money. Fertile soil rich in humus, full of active and diverse microorganisms is what your plants need to grow better.

Start acting now to manage your crops better and more efficiently.

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