It's good to have caries

Humus is the most valuable component of a healthy soil. It is formed as a result of the decomposition of post-harvest residues, catch crops and other sources of organic matter with the participation of soil microorganisms and small invertebrates (e.g. earthworms). It is rich in various nutrients and organic compounds, including humic acids.

It is good to have caries, and preferably as much as possible, because it performs many important functions:

  • Contains many nutrients, ensuring healthy growth and development of plants,
  • It creates a lumpy structure of the soil and loosens it
  • Provides adequate air access in the soil
  • It absorbs water like a sponge, thanks to which it reduces the negative effects of drought

Decay will not occur without the participation of two things: organic matter and microorganisms. In addition, recent research shows that bacteria and fungi living in the soil are able to use humus as a source of food. If you want to increase the content of humus in the soil or maintain its level, remember to use organic and green fertilizers (harvest residues, catch crops, compost, manure). Also take care of the high activity and diversity of microscopic worms. A soil engine kept in good shape will efficiently process plant and animal remains into "black gold", i.e. valuable humus.


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