Bioavailability of phosphorus

Manage phosphorus in your soil

Appropriate optimisation of fertilisation is one of the most important tools to ensure stable and profitable farming.

Phosphorus availability is one of the key factors affecting plant growth and development. The soils are rich in phosphorus. Unfortunately, most of it is trapped in a form inaccessible to plants, and the use of higher doses of fertilisers only increases the costs of cultivation, not translating into better quality and yields.

Biologically active soil increases the availability of nutrients for plants, including phosphorus. Some microorganisms are exceptionally good at this, so it's good to have as many of them as possible!

Analysis of the bioavailability of phosphorus

The test allows to assess the number of microorganisms that make phosphorus available.
Thanks to the study, you will discover the potential of microorganisms to activate the phosphorus resources accumulated in the soil.

Package means more benefits

We enriched the biological analysis of phosphorus availability with chemical tests (available phosphorus, pH, electrical conductivity).
This combination allows the assessment of phosphorus bioavailability and soil potential to activate its resources.

This set of tests is ideal for crops particularly sensitive to phosphorus deficiency and farms using bacterial preparations that make phosphorus available.

Phosphorus Availability Package

Bran phosphorus

How does it work?

Some microorganisms produce compounds that dissolve phosphorus salts and make them available to plants.

The first step of the analysis is to isolate the microorganisms from the soil sample. Then we let them grow on specially composed substrates. After a few days, colonies of microorganisms that have the ability to make phosphorus available are counted. The test also allows for the assessment of the overall number of microorganisms in the soil.

The method developed by our team has been standardized and automated, thanks to which it is highly precise and repeatable.

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