Novel soil health indicator

The BIOTREX technology was developed in Japan by Professor Kazunari Yokoyama, where it has gained the trust of Japanese farmers over the last 10 years.

BIOTREX allows you to measure and manage what has so far remained unknown. It is perfect as a tool for assessing soil biodiversity and biological activity, but also for examining the impact of various practices and products on the efficiency of cultivation.
Soil is like a machine - it's efficient operation enables the production of plants. The heart of every machine is the engine.
In the case of soil, this engine is microorganisms - bacteria and fungi.

Active soil pays off


The soil engine also needs fuel

The soil engine will not work if we do not provide it with the right fuel. In the case of bacteria and fungi, it is organic matter, i.e. plant residues, straw, compost, manure, humic acids, etc.

A weak engine affects the efficiency of the entire crop. Organic matter will not be converted into nutrients available to plants. It will be necessary to feed the plants with mineral fertilizer.

Low biodiversity is a good environment for the development of pathogens, so the costs of plant protection products and spraying are increasing.

In addition, the straw lies in the field for another month and does not want to decompose - you will need to use a special bacterial preparation to speed up the decomposition process.
We conduct numerous projects with farmers and companies in the search for practices and products that have a beneficial effect on the soil and the efficiency of cultivation.
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One analysis, many possibilities

In the Somigro laboratory, we use plates containing 31 or 95 different compounds. Each plate allows you to obtain different information that can be used to manage the crop more efficiently.

BIOTREX technology can be used in many different ways. Find out what it can do for you.

Soil health

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Field experiments

Science behind Biotrex

The Biotrex technology is based on the well-known and scientifically recognized Biolog system.

The method is based on the simultaneous observation of several dozen biochemical reactions carried out by microorganisms isolated from the soil. The whole process is carried out using small plates with wells, which contains a different organic compound.

Thanks to the BIOTREX technology, we can assess the activity and diversity of microorganisms living in the soil. A well-nourished and rich microbiome means efficient processes of decomposition (decomposition of leftovers), humification (creation of humus) and mineralization (making nutrients available to plants).


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