Humic acids, or short-cut soil regeneration

This whole care for soil microorganisms is not about creating a paradise for them on earth (and in the earth), because we like them very much and we want them to live well and lightly in our soil. We also care for them, and in fact primarily, for ourselves, because it so happens that microorganism-friendly treatments and products also increase soil fertility.

One solution is to use humic acids. These are organic compounds with a very complex structure. Simply put, it is nothing more than humus - the most valuable component of healthy soil. They are formed by the decomposition of organic matter. Recent scientific studies show that humic acids are eagerly eaten by soil microorganisms. Therefore, it is worth replenishing their supply in the soil from time to time, so as not to feel the unpleasant effects of their deficiency. Their natural sources are compost and manure. You can also take shortcuts - they are available on the market in the form of a ready-made preparation, in liquid or granulated form.

What are the benefits of humic acids?

  • Forming a lumpy soil structure
  • Improved water storage capacity
  • Better availability of minerals
  • Soil pH stabilization
  • Stimulation of the growth and activity of soil microorganisms - this can be easily verified by performing the Biotrex analysis in Somigro


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