to make the benefits of your biological solution crystal clear to growers.

Finally, an indicator for soil biology

The BIOTREX Technology is a novel indicator designed to assess the biological condition of soils and organic products. With BIOTREX you can measure the microbial activity and biodiversity of the soil microbiome. Send a sample of soil or agricultural material to the laboratory, and receive a report containing standarised values for overall activity and biodiversity – it’s that simple! 

You can use BIOTREX for evaluation of any practices, products or materials applied to the soil. You can even compare soils and their microbiomes!

The process is simple, but an experiment may be complex. Fill out the form below to learn more about our experiments and potential uses for you. If you describe an idea or a challenge that you have, we’ll get back to you with ideas on how BIOTREX might help you!


All our processes are standardised and automated. From sample collection to report in your inbox, the entire analysis takes no more than two weeks.


Based on over 20,000 tested soils we calculated scale of soil biological quality, with easy to understand colourful interpretation.


BIOTREX technology is universal and suitable for every kind of soil. Our procedure is easy for any agronomist to implement as it follows established sampling practices.

Science based

The BIOTREX technology was developed in Japan by Professor Kazunari Yokoyama and is based on Biolog’s well-established and scientifically recognised system.

We measure soil microbial activity and diversity based on the simultaneous observation of dozens of biochemical reactions carried out by microorganisms isolated from the soil. Plates with wells, each containing a different organic compound, are used throughout the process.

After 48 hours, the analysis results are used to calculate the BIOTREX Index, a universal indicator of soil biological health.

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